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stand4her Champions

Meet our stand4her champions below


As part of Avon’s stand4her programme, we’re on a mission to improve the lives of 100 million women each year by fulfilling their potential, celebrating freedom of beauty and expression and ensuring they lead safe and healthy lives.

Jess Testar

Jess Testar

Sales Leader, Jess Testar is one of Avon’s incredible stand4her champions.

Inspired by her parents to run her own beauty business, Jess decided to become a beauty entrepreneur at just 18 years old. Following in the footsteps of her mum and dad, who are also Sales Leaders, Jess opted for a career in beauty.

Here’s her story…

"My lightbulb moment happened within the first two months of starting my A Levels at Sixth Form."

Jess started at sixth form but found that she was unhappy and anxious. Alongside this, she had a part-time job which gave her more of a sense of achievement and put her mind at ease having tangible accomplishments.

"The problem I had was I wanted to work all the time, to boost my earning potential. I found I was restricted by the hours allocated to me, which is what happens when you're an employee rather than running your own business."

“I speak with my parents about starting my own venture and earning, rather than choosing university after Sixth Form. I also didn’t want to rack up £50,000 of debt doing a course that made me unhappy. My parents encouraged me to pursue my passion for beauty and welcomed me into their Avon team. I haven’t looked back.”

Jess suffered with severe anxiety and being able to run her business, on her terms and in her own way, helped her to overcome this. It’s what Jess found so appealing about the opportunity.

"I am in total control of my schedule. I am my own boss and I can choose to work the hours that are most suitable for me. There’s other benefits too like if I have an emergency or want to take holiday, I don't have to ask for permission to take work off. On the other hand, if I want to post on Instagram at night to get the best engagement and reach more people, I can do that too and not worry about overtime. It's all about being wise with your time."

The family love working together every day, and Jess feels she has transformed as a person. Her friends also see the change in her and how she has overcome her anxiety. Jess and her family are excited to keep growing their Avon business.

“We run our business via face to face and online. We always make sure that we have video content ready to share with our followers, so people can still get that personal experience of buying beauty even if we can’t meet with them personally. You could say that starting my Avon business was the best decision I have ever made because I get to be creative through beauty.”

Jess is also passionate about Avon’s causes, particularly Avon’s Breast Cancer Promise. Recently, Jess raised funds for CoppaFeel! by creating a dress made entirely from Avon brochures, order sheets and packaging. Jess wanted to support CoppaFeel! after her own breast cancer scare when she was 17 years old. Jess found a lump by checking herself and after visiting her doctor, the tumor was diagnosed benign. After this experience, Jess resolved to pursue things in life that made her happy.

Stand4her is a celebration of women who are breaking down the barriers that are holding them back by reaching for opportunities that help them reach their full potential. Jess pursued her passion for beauty and entrepreneurship through the freedom to earn and the power of beauty.

Abi Arnold

The Avon opportunity has opened doors for Abi and has increased her confidence to be creative through beauty.

Starting her own business helped Abi overcome mental health challenges, boosting her drive to succeed as a beauty entrepreneur.

Here’s her story…

Abi was first introduced to Avon in 2017 when she met a Sales Leader while working in a hardware store.

“I was selling her a worktop for her own Avon business. We got chatting, met for a coffee and I became a Rep.”

At first she was nervous as she had struggled with anxiety and OCD in the past, and felt it had held her back in previous jobs. However, it wasn’t long before she realised that the entrepreneirual life style suited her, and it not only boosted her confidence but that of her customers too.

“People have come to me showing off their make-up, having watched my videos and I feel so happy to see how confident they feel. Running my own business has also helped develop my own confidence and aided my recovery.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long until Abi’s anxiety returned, but this made her realise the life of a beauty entrepreneur offers a huge amount of flexibility, “My partner Emma covered my Avon business during the time I was off sick and helped me to carry on. I realised Avon was something that made me feel capable and motivated, and I wanted to get back into it properly!”

During her time off, Abi reached out to her Area Manager about Sales Leadership and after a good discussion she felt ready to take on the challenge. She runs her business through a mix of face-to-face and online sales, and regularly creates and publishes beauty tutorials through her YouTube channel. She finds that her online presence keeps her feeling current and on top of new trends.

“I’m a make-up addict! I am in love with the Cleansing Balm – I feel like a VIP when I use it!”

Abi loves the freedom and acceptance that working with the Avon opportunity offers and her ambition is to build her social media presence with a blog that also incorporates her degree in interior design.

Stand4her celebrates the women who work with us and the freedom to earn in their own way on their own terms. Abi is a shining example of someone who designed a life that she loves through the power of beauty.