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‘More matte than Mac’. Based on assessment of gloss value of Avon ‘Perfectly Matte’ lipstick vs Mac ‘matte’ lipstick

The test utilised a gloss meter and an established procedure to ensure a standardised and reproducible evaluation of gloss values. This was in accordance with international technical standards which define the method of use and specifications for glossmeters, and provide a quantifiable method of measuring gloss intensity when used with various types of materials. These standards ensure consistency of measurement by defining the precise illumination and viewing conditions, and allow for a protocol to be developed that is specifically optimized for cosmetic materials.

In total the UK Avon ‘Perfectly Matte’ range has fifteen shades launching in February, with gloss values ranging from 3.45-10.11.

As of 14th Jan 2016, twenty-nine shades of Mac ‘matte’ were available to purchase from maccosmetics.co.uk. Gloss values ranged from 15.63-52.09

Nine Avon ‘Perfectly Matte’ shades being launched in February 2016 were identified to be similar to nine Mac ‘matte’ shades. Of the tested corresponding shades, the Mac ‘matte’ gloss values ranged from 27.53-50.77 and the Avon ‘Perfectly Matte’ shades had gloss values ranging from 3.45-10.11.