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Avon Cream to Powder vs Mac
Compare and save price comparison of Avon Cream to Powder and MAC Studio Tech Compact Foundation.

MAC Studio Tech Compact Foundation price based on MAC website selling price 08/03/2018. Avon Cream to Powder price based on Brochure 16.

Instant Eye Smoother
See the look of under-eye bags, puffiness and wrinkles virtually disappear. Works in seconds, lasts all day.

*Based on a consumer study with 128 participants.

Avon Supershock Definition Mascara
Brown eyed model wears lash inserts and lashes have been enhanced for volume and length.
*Based on a clinical study with 15 participants

Avon Big & Extreme Mascara vs. Salon Lash Extensions
Price comparison Avon Big & Extreme Mascara and Salon Lash Extensions. Salon lash prices based on average UK salon price, February 2018. Big & Extreme Mascara price is based on C9 brochure.

Avon Gel Shine vs. Salon Gel Nails
Price comparison of Salon Gel Nails and Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel and Avon Gel Shine Lasting Finish Top Coat. Salon nails price is based on the average price of a shellac manicure in 10 different locations across the UK on 07.12.2017. Avon Gel Shine Nail Enamel and Avon Gel Shine Lasting Finish Top Coat price is based on Brochure 7.

Harmful UV Lamps claim is supported by the following report.

Clinical Eye
In 4 weeks, 98%* of women considering an eye lift procedure were impressed by the results of this product.

*Based on those who expressed and opinion in a consumer study with 160 participants.

#EyeGotThis Incentive
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