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As the company for women Avon is committed to improving lives and making a real difference both nationally and in the local community. Avon’s army of Representatives, customers and Associates have donated over £22 million to date for Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer charities. It’s thanks to YOU that Avon continues to change lives and support the causes that matter most to women.

Early detection of breast cancer saves lives. At Avon, we believe that no woman should die because she was left in the dark about breast cancer. Yet too many women still aren’t aware of the risks, and don’t know what signs to look for, or what to do and where to go if they have concerns. Avon’s Breast Cancer Promise is a commitment to educate women everywhere about breast health that builds on our legacy of supporting the breast cancer cause.

This year with the launch of Avon’s Pink Light Project we want to ensure that no woman is left in the dark about breast cancer and together with our friends at CoppaFeel! we will help to shine a light for the 25% of women in the UK who are still unsure on how to check their breasts. We want YOU to join us and together we will help 50 million women globally know the risks, know the signs and know where to get help.

So what can you do? Grab a cup of tea and take just 20 minutes by yourself or with a friend to explore CoppaCollege! – a tool we’ve developed in partnership with CoppaFeel! to help women understand the signs, symptoms and causes of breast cancer, how to get help and how to share breast health awareness.

Getting to know your boobs

We challenge you to share with 10 of your friends, colleagues or family members! Let us know what you think of CoppaCollege! using the hashtag #CoppaFeelWithAvon .

Read all about it here.

See what others think of CoppaCollege!

There have been multiple cases of breast cancer in my family, some of which were found early on, some, unfortunately, weren’t found until the later stages, so to have a tool to help raise awareness for the importance of early detection is incredible, and I cannot wait to share it and help spread the word for everyone to “coppafeel”.
Sam, 23 | Avon Representative

I absolutely LOVE IT!! The myth busters were great because it's amazing how much we believe without ever really checking the facts. This helped me throw out a lot of false beliefs. The Boob Check Guidance served as a healthy reminder of how you check yourself and what to look out for.
Glenice, 44 | Avon Sales Leader

We hope you enjoy CoppaCollege! too...now it’s time for hand to meet boob!
Love Avon & CoppaFeel! X

Breast Cancer

Who are CoppaFeel!?

Our partnership began in 2017 with CoppaFeel! A breast cancer charity that educates and reminds young women that checking your boobs CAN be fun and CAN save lives.

To help with education and awareness, Avon partnered with CoppaFeel!’s team of Boobettes, who tour the country meeting young women, helping them to understand the importance of regularly checking for early signs of breast cancer.

Avon is proud to continue its legacy by supporting CoppaFeel! in their mission to encourage early detection of breast cancer, know what their boobs look and feel like normally and encourage them to check their boobs throughout their lifetime.

To find out more and donate visit: CoppaFeel!    
Read all about it here.

Domestic Violence

Avon works closely with two fantastic charity partners, Refuge and Women’s Aid who both play key roles in supporting women and their children escaping abuse.

1 in 4 women in the UK will be affected by domestic violence at some point in their life. Avon provides funding for life saving services, providing women with the information and support they need to escape abuse.

For free information and support, 24 hours a day, call the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247. To find out more about charities, visit Refuge Womensaid

In the community

Press release

Avon Cosmetics donates £5,000 to Special Care Baby Unit.


Press Release

Children Are Butterflies has been selected by Avon Associates to receive a £5,000 donation.


Crazy Hats

Avon has been supporting Crazy Hats for over 10 years. As a main sponsor of their annual fundraising walk, Avon has been integral to the growth of this local breast cancer charity who provide invaluable support on a local level.


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