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Introducing Avon's Ultimate Nourishing Lipstick

Launching February 2017, the Avon True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick is the first all-in-one lipstick that combines Avon’s True Colour lipstick technology with the nourishing properties of a balm. Available in 12 beautiful, pigment-packed shades to help moisturise dry, dull lips without compromising on the colour. The intensely creamy formula gives a rich, sumptuous colour that feels perfectly comfortable on lips.


Avon’s True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lipstick is infused with jojoba oil, honey and beeswax, which help form nourishing ribbons to help restore moisture and hydrate lips. The lipstick acts as an additional protective barrier, helping to prevent lips from drying out, keeping them nourished. Even after hours, lips feel softer and smoother, meaning there is no need to choose between colour and care.

Avon’s True Supreme Nourishing Lipstick is the perfect fusion of lasting colour and nourishing care.
RRP: £8
Launching 10th February 2017

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