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to the Avon

Watch this space each campaign for inspiring stories on our Reps, Sales Leaders and Associates.


Read all about Avon life

“You’ve got nothing to lose by becoming a Rep, and you may find a whole new you by becoming your own boss.”


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“Running my own business is the best thing I have ever done. I’ve met so many friends from being an Avon Rep.”


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“Avon has helped me gain so much confidence. It’s helped me to believe in myself and realise that I can succeed."

Carla Western,

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Beverly Smeaton

“Having my own part-time beauty business gives me a purpose and financial freedom.
That’s all thanks to Avon.”

Beverly Smeaton,
Gold PC Rep

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Krishma Tailor

“Being a mother of three, having a part-time job and a husband who travels a lot, I can pick up working on my Avon business whenever I like.”

Krishma Tailor,
Senior Coordinator

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Leanne Meassures

“I never miss a school play
and if i’m not feeling well I
can take a day off.
 I get to work my beauty business my way.”

Leanne Meassures,

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