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#SPEAKOUTLISTENUP Together with Refuge, the UK’s leading domestic violence charity, we are raising awareness of victims who feel they are unable to speak out or do not know where to seek support this 16 Days of Activism Against GenderBased Violence.


Together with Refuge, the UK’s leading domestic violence charity, we are raising awareness of victims of violence and abuse encouraging them to speak out, and for friends and family to listen up.

38% of abuse victims are unsure where to seek help and 60% do not believe they will be taken seriously*. Rachael Slack is one woman who did not recognise her experience as abuse and who did not know she was able to access support from organisations such as Refuge.

Rachael’s sister in law Melony is bravely speaking out about the issue to raise awareness and funds for the cause.

Rachael Slack

Rachael’s story

Having suffered years of threats and emotional abuse, Rachael, her son Auden and unborn baby were murdered by her ex-partner in 2010.

Rachael is described by sister-in-law Melony as “bubbly, outgoing and fun”, someone “who loved painting, fashion and make-up”, and is remembered by as being “funny with a big laugh”.

Melony recalls how Rachael became increasingly “controlled and manipulated” by her partner and shares that, with hindsight and a little bit of understanding, “the signs of abuse are clear to see”.


This 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence, you raised £16k for our charity partner Refuge to help more people speak out and listen up, funding frontline services such as the National Domestic Abuse Helpline.


There is still time to get involved… .

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Pick up one of our causes products to make a direct donation to our charity partners.


Watch and share

Watch and share Rachael’s story to encourage more people to speak out and listen up

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Share the 3 Signs Fact Sheet

Share the 3 Signs Fact Sheet to signpost to help and support for those who may need it most


Aligning to our global #stand4her initiative, we are proud to support causes and charity partners that ensure women can lead safe and healthy lives here in the UK.



Proudly partnering with CoppaFeel! to help end the late diagnosis of breast cancer by supporting CoppaFeel!’s volunteer Boobettes and launching CoppaCollege, the first breast cancer online education tool.

women's aid


Supporting Women’s Aid to provide life-saving services and build a future where violence and abuse is not tolerated, aligning with our global VAWG promise.

changing faces


Partnering with Changing Faces to become first beauty brand to sign up to the charity’s pledge to feature more people with a visible difference across our campaigns.

*Research by the Avon Foundation, 2018