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Avon: Crusade
About AVON's Breast Cancer Crusade

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The Avon Breast Cancer Crusade was launched in the UK in 1992 to raise funds for and increase awareness of breast cancer. Today, the Crusade covers over 50 Avon countries across the world.

Why support breast cancer?

Breast Cancer - The Facts

  • Breast cancer is currently the most common female cancer in the UK.
  • Nearly 46,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK.
  • 1 in 9 women in the UK will develop breast cancer at some point in their lifetime
  • Over 80% of breast cancers occur in women over 50 years of age.
  • More than 1,000 women die from the disease every month in the UK.
  • Men can also develop breast cancer but this is much more rare. Around 300 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK.
  • More women than ever in the UK are surviving breast cancer thanks to better awareness, better treatments and better screening.

Where does the money go?

In the UK Avon has worked in partnership with charities including Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Crazy Hats and Macmillan Cancer Support. Avon's activities have supported research, awareness raising, lobbying and care and support services.

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As Breakthrough's longest standing corporate supporter, Avon has been pivotal in Breakthrough's growth. Supporting Breakthrough since 1992 has enabled us to raise vital funds towards their work.

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A third of the funding needed to establish the Breakthrough Toby Robins Breast Cancer Research Centre was raised through Avon activities. Since the centre opened in 1999, annual fundraising has been allocated to key projects, including the Breakthrough Generations Study, a national study into the causes of breast cancer involving 100,000 women.

The Crusade funds four clinical fellows fondly known as 'Dr Avons'. The Dr Avon programme was the first clinical fellowship program by a UK beauty company.

As both qualified medical Dr's and talented scientists, each Dr Avon plays a vital link between science and medicine, bringing the benefits of scientific research directly to women with breast cancer.

Each Dr Avon is in a unique position to identify problems faced by breast cancer patients that could be solved using laboratory research.
Whilst understanding the possibilities of science, and they're aware of the every-day issues faced by women with breast cancer.

Why your support is so important

In Breast Cancer Awareness Month alone, around 1,000 British women will die of breast cancer. Nearly 4,000 more will be diagnosed – that's one woman every 11 minutes. But every day in one of Breakthrough Breast Cancer's labs, another aspect of the disease is understood, taking them one step closer to beating it for good. Research holds the key to a future free from breast cancer. Avon's Breast Cancer Crusade is helping to fund Breakthrough's long-term research programmes which aim to find better ways to diagnose, treat, and ultimately prevent breast cancer.

Chris Askew, Chief Executive at Breakthrough Breast Cancer says:

"We are incredibly inspired by Avon's mission to improve the lives of women and their families, through their global support of the breast cancer cause and Breakthrough specifically in the UK. The constant enthusiasm of staff, representatives, and customers is fantastic.

This is an incredibly exciting time for Breakthrough's research work. Avon has always been at the heart of our work and plays a very significant role in helping to drive forward our ambitious plans".

For more information about Breakthrough's work visit: www.breakthrough.org.uk