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Avon Connects - Frequently Asked Questions
What is Avon Connects?Avon Connects is Avon's very own social networking site. It's fun, fashionable and it promotes the Avon brand to a whole new audience. It's highly interactive too so you'll always have the latest from Avon and the opportunity to connect with Avon lovers everywhere.

I am interested in becoming an Avon Representative. Where can I apply online?

You can apply at the following link. Once you've reached this page, click on "Become a Representative" and follow the steps outlined. You can also apply directly by clicking on a Sales Leader's page in the community and contacting her about the Avon opportunity.

What happens if my current Avon Representative leaves?

If your current Avon Representative leaves, Avon will do everything we can to find you an ideal Representative match. You'll receive an email letting you know about your current Representative's departure and suggesting a new match. You can then either proceed with the match we've suggested, or find a different Avon Representative on your own.

What is "Find a Representative"? Why should I "Find a Representative" now?

"Find a Representative" is a convenient tool that lets you search for an Avon Representative online. Connecting with an Avon Representative will give you a much more personalised shopping experience when you're looking for Avon products, including advice specifically tailored to your needs!

What happens if I select the "Assign Me a Random Representative" option on the Find a Representative page?

If you select this option, Avon will select a Representative that fits your selected criteria.

I cannot find an Avon Representative in my area. What should I do?

We'll help you! Just click "Let Us Find You a Representative" and fill out the short form. An Avon Representative will get in touch with you shortly.

How do I find an Avon Representative?

Click "Find a Representative." Search for a Representative by specific criteria such as location, then you'll receive a list of Avon Representatives to choose from! Browse their profiles and pick the Representative with whom you connect best.

What is the "Need a Representative" form?

The "Need a Representative" form is filled out by potential customers who could not find a Representative through the "Find a Representative" tool. These potential customers are asking Avon to connect them with a Representative.

I was an Avon Representative and used to login with my Account Number - but I can not login anymore. Has my Login ID changed?Your Login ID may have been disabled. Check the email address associated with your account for any correspondence from Avon.
I used to login with my email address, but I can't login anymore. Has my Login ID changed?Your Login ID might have changed. If you've been appointed as an Avon Representative or registered online as an Avon Representative, you should be using your Account Number to login. Check the email address associated with your account for related correspondence.
I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?Click "Forgot Password" on the login page.

Can I join the Avon community without attaching to an Avon Representative?

Yes, you do not have to attach to an Avon Representative to become a member of the community.